There are many great mental health apps available. I recommend searching and working with your therapist to find one that could be helpful for you. Here are some that I like:


ACT Companion: Simple exercises and tools based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
Headspace: Making meditation simple
Moodnotes: Thought journal, mood diary, CBT app
Moodtools: Log and analyze your thoughts, develop a suicide safety plan
DBT Diary card and skills coach: Tracking app and skills coach in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Anxiety specific

Calm: Guided meditation, sleep stories, breathing programs, relaxing music
SAM (Self-help for Anxiety Management): Anxiety toolkit, track anxious thoughts and behaviors
Insight timer: Thousands of guided meditations
Breathe (Stop, Breathe & Think): Meditation and mindfulness to decrease anxiety and stress
Breath2Relax: Portable stress management tool that teaches diaphragmatic breathing
Relax Lite (Stress and Anxiety Relief): Stress relief in 5 minutes

Eating disorder specific

Recovery Record: Keep a record of meals and track progress over time
Rise Up and Recover: Track meals and feelings, print PDF to share with providers