There are a lot of wonderful clinicians online who provide helpful tips and resources for therapists in building their practices. Here are some of the resources (websites and podcasts) that I really like:

Websites and podcasts:

Selling the Couch (Melvin Varghese): www.sellingthecouch.com

Create My Therapist website (Daniel Fava): www.createmytherapistwebsite.com

Person-Centered Tech (Roy Huggins): www.personcenteredtech.com

Practice of the Practice (Joe Sanok): www.practiceofthepractice.com

Abundance Practice-building (Allison Puryear): www.abundancepracticebuilding.com

Insurance Answers Podcast (Katia Callan & Danielle Kepler): www.insuranceanswers.libsyn.com

Tame your Practice (Rob Reinhardt): www.tameyourpractice.com

Online Counseling (Clay Cockrell): www.onlinecounselling.com


Helpful books for when you are getting started in private practice:

“12 Months to your Ideal Private Practice” (book and workbook) by Lynn Grodzki

“The Gift of Therapy” by Irving Yalom

“On Being a Therapist” by Jeffrey Kottler