1. Reach out by email (I recommend using the secure form on this page) and offer basic contact information and a brief description of what you need. I do not recommend sending lengthy descriptions as we will discuss in a phone call. You are also welcome to email me at
    2. I prefer that I start by having a conversation with one person in the initial consultation call, though if you prefer to be together for the call, let me know.
    3. For couples seeking couple therapy, I will coordinate a 15 minute telephone call with one partner to make sure it would logistically work out and to see if it is a fit to get started. I am currently seeing clients from 2 p.m.-6:30 p.m. Monday and 8:30 am -3 pm Tuesday-Thursday via online therapy.
    4. For couples seeking discernment counseling, I will coordinate a 15 minute telephone call with one partner to share information about the discernment process, make sure it would logistically work out and clarify your needs and fit for the approach.
    5. If one or both of us decides that it doesn’t feel like a fit, I am happy to offer other resources or referrals
    6. If it feels like a fit, then I would have you ask your partner to reach out to me for the same consultation phone call at a separate time. A first appointment would not be offered until both are determined to be a fit to get started
    7. Please note that if you share something confidential in the phone call that you do not want revealed in couple therapy, I may not be able to begin working with you as a couple.
    8. I am happy to provide further consultation about your needs in the initial call (first 15 minutes are free, after that it is $50 per each additional 15 mins).
    9. Please note that I do not provide therapy or specific recommendations about your situation and needs before starting couple therapy (or via email), though I am happy to provide any referral and resource options that I am aware of.
    10. If we decide to schedule a first session, we will coordinate schedules, and you will be sent a reminder for the session 48 hours ahead, and a link to the session via email 10 minutes before the start of the session.
    11. Before the session starts, you will be sent a link to the secure client portal where you can fill out an optional questionnaire, sign required disclosure documents and enter client and billing information. Please note that reviewing the documents could take 15-30 mins, so please fill it out before the session starts.
    12. You are welcome to decide at any time whether it is a fit for you to continue, and I am happy to take feedback about your experience, in fact, I welcome it.
    13. Thank you for considering me for help with your relationship. It is an honor.